Saint Charles Fun Fest

Saint Charles Fun Fest

Saint Charles Fun Fest
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Love carnivals!

Back when I lived in Sand Lake, Michigan there was a carnival every year. I loved them especially the carousel and tilt awhirl. I miss rose by gone days, but then I’m 71 years young.



I traveled a lot when I was younger. Traveled to Europe twice about 52 years ago in Europe. Paris France and Switzerland were my favorite places to visit. I’m writing a mystery fiction novel that takes place in Paris. Travel has changed so much in the last 52 years that I’m glad I had the chance to visit Europe when I was younger. Because of the COVID 19 now travel to anywhere is virtually impossible and not very safe. Anyone out there would like to hear from you about your travels and where you’ve been.

Newbie on blogging

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to blogging

I’m 65 years old and female.

I’m writing a book for Young Adults, Amateur Sleuth. I’ve written almost 41,000 words and counting.

Hope to self publish in the fall.

I collect Teddy Bears and Nancy Drew mysteries.

I have traveled to Europe twice in my younger days.

I’ve had a lot of grief lately, our 11 year old Siberian Husy Leia transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge in the sky about 6 weeks ago.

Have any of you out there lost pets and if so did the grief last for a long time?